Live in Jogja
Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) or so-called Jogja is the provincial level in Indonesia which is a fusion of State Sultanate of Yogyakarta and Pakualaman State. The province is located in the south central part of Java Island, and is adjacent to Central Java province and the Indian Ocean. Although it has the smallest area into two after Jakarta, Yogyakarta is famous nationally and internationally, principally as a prime tourist destination after Bali Province. Moreover, as the location of two great kingdoms in Java, Yogyakarta also full viscosity customs and culture.
Jogja has diverse cultural potential, both culturally tangible (physical) and intangible (non-physical). Cultural potential among other tangible cultural heritage area, and objects of cultural heritage while intangible cultural potential as an idea, a system of values ​​or norms, artwork, social system or social behavior in society. Jogja has no less than 515 heritage building spread over 13 Heritage Region. The existence of cultural assets of high civilization heritage of the past, with the Kraton as a valuable heritage institutions are still terlestari existence, an embryo, and giving spirit for the growth dynamics of the community in the Bohemian culture, especially in the artistic culture, and habitual traditions.
Yogyakarta is also famous as "Student City". Universitas Gadjah Mada or UGM, the oldest university in Indonesia is located in the province. Besides UGM, Yogyakarta is also home to many other prestigious universities. In total, the number of universities in Yogyakarta, both public, private, and official totaled nearly 150 institutions of higher education which was raised by about 10 thousand dosen.Budaya learning and education is also very conducive climate here. School and college students in Jogja facilitated by the existence of a public library, bookstore, are also pockets of communities and cultures that could be a means of studying them for education in the province. Not to mention the thousands of boarding houses and dormitories range of prices could be the choice of the student immigrants who completed their studies in Jogja.Jogja also provide modern affordable entertainment for the students, but still maintain the hospitality of this city with so many places to hang an original, traditional, and unpretentious. Cost of living in this city is very affordable, even exactly cheap. Where to eat various kinds (Java culinary, archipelago, to the international, level foot five to five-star, ethnic or modern) can be found easily. The level of security is quite high in Jogja, so parents do not have to worry about removing their sons and daughters go to school away from home. In addition, a sense of mutual help and hospitality high Jogja will make anyone feel like at home alone. Jogja people very polite, cultured, open, and light hand to help.
"Jogja it makes us hard to move on, if you've entered Jogja feels not want to move to another place. The atmosphere is pleasant, nowhere near, public facilities provided complete, people are also nice and friendly. "- Ami, a student of Communication Studies of UGM 2003.
"Jogja is a place where you feel like home." - Dina, students of the Management and Public Policy, FISIPOL UGM, 2006.

Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
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