General Information
Welcome to the official website of the Library of Magister Administrasi Publik (MAP) Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada
This page is intended as a means of communication between managers with library users as well as a means of publicizing the services and collections owned by the library. On this page, users can find out the library services provided libraries, membership information, news about the UGM, and publications produced by the entire academic community MAP FISIPOL UGM.
Overview of the Library of MAP FISIPOL UGM
Library of MAP FISIPOL UGM occupies a space of 103.68 m2 on the first floor MAP Building, FISIPOL UGM located at Jl. Prof. Dr. Sekip Sardjito. Library inaugurated at the end of August 1995 with the number of a collection of about 243 titles, 501 copies. That number continues to increase every year. The number of collection until the end of 2014 is 7975 13 270 copies of titles, including textbooks, reference, theses, clippings, research, and conference papers.
Library collections
The library collection consists of a collection that was loaned and collections that have not lent or read somewhere.
A. Collection lent:
  1. Textbook
  2. Subject module
  3. Set Seminar / Workshop
  4. Scrapbook



B. Collections are not lent or just read on the spot:
  1. Reference, comprising: a dictionary, encyclopedia, directories, handbooks (handbook), yearbook (yearbook), legislation and statistics BPS.
  2. Thesis
  3. Periodicals, including: journals, newsletters, magazines
  4. Loose material (Verticle File)
Free Wi-Fi
In addition to the complete collection and a cozy reading room, library equipped with free wi-fi that allows reader and visitor can access the Internet.


Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
Syawalan Keluarga Besar MKP FISIPOL UGM
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Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru Semester Genap T.A. 2016/2017
Workshop Pembangunan Pariwisata Kota Palangka Raya
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