What is MAP Training?

Diklat MAP FISIPOL UGM is a division in Master of Public Administration which has idealism to enhance and support acceleration of bureaucratic reforms in Indonesia. This idealism manisfested through several training, consultation and assistance in the field of planing, intutional, human resources and other public issues.

Agenda Training
01 Jan
Diklat Mandiri MAP FISIPOL UGM Tahun 2017 secara lengkap dapat diakses di link berikut ini
07 Des
Local economic development is one of key factors to achieve economic independency. Therefo
Training of Functional Position First Planner Generation XXI
26 September 2016

Training and assistance division successfully held Training of Functional Position First Planner Generation XXI. This training began on August 8th to September 24th 2016. The closing ceremony led by Melly Johar, SH, MBA by Pusbindiklatren Bappenas through Distance Learning System (DLS) and attended by Prof. Dr. Wahyudi Kumorotomo as the head of Doctoral Program MAP UGM, Prof. Dr. Agus Pramusinto MDA as the head of MKP UGM, and Dr. Ely Susanto, MBA as The Head of Training and assistance division MAP UGM. Memento handover represented by M. Taufik Arahman from Bappeda DIY and Fertilia Budi Pradnyaparamita from Bappeda Jawa Tengah.