Registration Procedure:     

  1. Pay registration fee of Rp. 750,000, can be paid at BNI Bank throughout Indonesia, then get a password to fill out the registration form through the website.     
  2. After obtaining a password from BNI Bank, you must complete the registration form through the website     
  3. After the form is filled in completely printed and the photo is placed in the upper right corner and the signature at the bottom left. And multiply as needed.     
  4. After all requirements are collected immediately submitted to the UGM DAA (Directorate of Academic Administration) office with the address: Administration of the Postgraduate Program of the Directorate of Academic Administration (DAA) UGM              Jl. Pancasila, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281     
  5. Take the AcCEPT and PAPs examinations at the time and location selected when filling out the registration form.

Further information about registration can seen through

Registration requirement :     

  1. Copies of diplomas and bachelor’s academic transcripts that have been legalized
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 2.75.
  3. Originally the S1 Study Program has obtained Accreditation by BAN PT.
  4. Letter of recommendation from 2 people / parties who know the candidate’s academic abilities.
  5. The projection of the aspirations of candidates in joining the prog S2 which contains reasons, hopes and plans after finishing S2.
  6. Permit from the agency / institution where you work (for candidates who have worked)
  7. Certificate of guarantee of payment from the agency or a statement of its own cost (stamped).
  8. Applicants who have had TOEFL 450 from PPB UGM or ITP-Toefl by agencies appointed by The Indonesia International Education Foundation and TPA 500 issued by BAPPENAS, Puspendik Litbang Dikknas and UGM can be attached, while for applicants who do not have or have TPA values ​​and The TOEFL below the above values ​​is required to take the test.
  9. A health certificate from a doctor.
  10. All requirements are made in 2 copies
  11. Pay registration fee / selection Rp. 750,000, –

Tuition fee :

Tuition Fee Masters Program Tuition: IDR 12,000,000 per semester Registration Fee: IDR 500,000  

Tuition Program S3 Tuition:

IDR 20,000,000 per semester (semester 1-8);

IDR 15,000,000 per semester (semester 9 and so on)

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